Small businesses need to sponsor themselves first

While no business doubts the value of maximizing exposure for their logo or message, many are overlooking very low-cost opportunities to do just that. Before looking for small business advertising and sponsorship options with outside sources, doesn’t it make sense to brand and sponsor yourself as effectively as possible?


I believe that a simple sticker marketing campaign is the most underrated and overlooked marketing tool in the world. In my book that gives small business advertising tips, Stick This!, I reviewed some of the different distribution techniques for sticker marketing campaigns. The lowest risk and lowest cost method is called “Place and Promote”.


Place and Promote sticker distribution is about claiming real estate – placing promotional vinyl stickers, like our custom die cut decals, everywhere a business owns or controls (even if temporarily). This small business advertising tip is one of the easiest ways to build brand awareness and stay connected to customers.


Obvious examples of Place and Promote sticker marketing campaigns include branding company vehicles and product labeling, but it goes much deeper than that. There is also signage, package labeling, equipment and tools, and all equipment and products that businesses come into contact with in their sales and service cycles.

These four questions from my alternative small business advertising book will help any business quickly assess whether they are effectively taking advantage of a Place and Promote Sticker Marketing Campaign.


  1. Do you have your company logo and contact info (and perhaps slogan and services) on every company owned vehicle and piece of equipment?
  2. Do you tag or subtly add a bit of your identity (logo) to all paperwork, shipping boxes, and every product you sell or service?
  3. What additional items and locations (real estate) may be available for tagging with stickers or labels? Spend some time making a list of anything/everything that could be stickered – paper cups, bathroom mirrors, employee vehicles, a friend’s business, a customers vacuum (if you are a carpet cleaner), etc.
  4. Does your sticker add to, or detract from, the perceived value of the product, equipment or item it is stuck on (or you plan to stick it on)? Is the presentation clean and in keeping with the company identity you want to present? Does it serve to help the customer or viewer, or does it clutter, cheapen, distract or oversell? If you are not sure, ask for opinions from trusted sources – often a different perspective is valuable. Strong designs are essential.


Get your business noticed with promotional vinyl stickers from Asset Print.


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