Reading Online Vs Print:

Print is not dead. Do consumers prefer the best printing Cape Town has to offer, or just reading from their devices.

The research is based around consumer preferences for reading information and how they feel they take on information best. If you are planning your next big marketing campaign, it is well worth understanding these consumer preferences to make the most of your budget.

As we discussed in a previous article, you can integrate print with a digital campaign to direct traffic to your site or pull customers back to your store.

Using digital channels alone might lead to missed opportunities. Not only because of the restriction on audience location or frequency of Internet use, but because they may not retain the information as well.

When online, we are constantly bombarded with adverts. The little pop up ones, the flashy ones, the ones in the revolving banners, a lot of the time they just fade into the background. 54% of people pay more attention to adverts in print, so when 85% of people sort and read their snail mail everyday there is a real opportunity to get your message across with a Direct Mail campaign.

Putting a physical message in front of your audience has real benefits. You have a far higher chance of the advert remaining in the persons home and them coming across it again or putting it aside for the future. Either way, 84% of people said they retain information better when they read printed words so you are more likely to see a return on investment through printed documents.

You can create an effective flyer or postcard to get a specific message across, like a promotion or event. With internet marketing budgets rising and robots clicking adverts, there is doubt in the industry of the reliability of online adverts. Create an effective flyer using these design tips and you can always include a QR or promotion code to track your return on investment.

You shouldn’t fear that people will view your business as environmentally carefree, 71% of consumers understand that paper is recyclable and is a sustainable source if managed effectively.

If this is still a concern, you should consider printing on recyceld paper. Asset Print offers this, while many other printing companies do not.

And as 87% of people think companies switch to electronic marketing to save money, not the environment, you may be better off holding alternative environmental credentials.

Print advertising provides a brand with tangibility. Buying online can be daunting and requires a degree of trust as there is often no way of being sure the business is genuine. Having printed marketing materials bridges that gap to the physical shop, helping cement an idea of permanence and reliability.

Ultimately 78% of people said they prefer reading on paper. That speaks volumes. It might be because reading on a screen is tiring on the eyes, it might be because of all the flashing distractions so often seen on our smartphones or computers.

It is important to utilise all the channels however, connecting with your audience on as many platforms as you can will increase brand awareness and develop your customer touch-points.


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