Canvas Prints Vs Posters – Why Canvas Prints Are Better

For anyone who is a fan of poster art and loves larger displays of photos, it’s likely that you’ve already started to think about canvas prints. Of course, in some circles, many of the painters and other artists aren’t too happy about canvas prints, as they offer a way to have a beautiful work of art cheaper than a painting, but canvas is still picking up speed. So many people that used to love posters are starting to turn to canvas printing.

But why would people who love posters and other larger art turn to canvas prints?

Well, cost sure isn’t one of those issues, posters still cost less as canvas prints are a better quality product and the materials to create them are more expensive. You won’t find a poster for the same price that you will a canvas print. However, it’s not the cost that is switching people over.

If you think about the different materials that are used to make posters and canvas prints, you will see a huge difference. Canvas prints are stretched around a solid frame that will stand up to years and years of wear. The frame is actually part of the canvas print, and therefore isn’t something that’s just placed around the photo to preserve it. Posters, on the other hand, are normally framed so that they last a few years, and you can never really be sure how sturdy the framing is. Canvas frames are very sturdy, especially since the canvas is stretched on them, and super easy to hang.

Posters, on the other hand, are normally framed so that they last a few years, and you can never really be sure how sturdy the framing is. Canvas frames are very sturdy, especially since the canvas is stretched on them, and super easy to hang.

Lets compare the inks that are used in posters and the inks that are used in canvas prints.

They are so different it’s almost like night and day. Since paper doesn’t last as canvas, printers usually don’t use very expensive inks that make the colors and lines really pop. Canvas printers know that these are made to last for hundreds of years and they use the inks that will last that long and still stay beautiful.

Once a canvas print is completed, a very special sealer is put on top of the canvas to help keep it sealed and protected. Posters aren’t, the inks used are not UV resistant, and are not moisture resistant. In fact, anyone knows what happens if you get water on a poster – it’s not a pretty thing. Yet, you can really run water over a canvas print and it won’t damage it at all.

When you take a good look at the durability of canvas over paper posters, it’s easy to see why so many collectors are turning to canvas prints for their favorite larger photos. Canvas prints will last hundreds of years, where their favorite posters won’t last nearly half as long. It won’t take long to have a new poster looking torn and ripped, although this does add to the appeal of some of them.

For anyone who is considering having a poster done for yourself, or as a gift, consider canvas prints from Asset Print instead. Not only will it last longer, but you will have something that is truly unique that you can cherish for many decades to come.

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The Best Business Card Practices

With the right card, you’re ready to network your butt off. Here are some strategies that can make sure the handing off of your card doesn’t go to waste. After all, you don’t want to go through the trouble of making—or buying—the perfect design if they’re not going to get good use.

  • Be prepared: Always have business cards on you. Always. Even when you’re on vacation you might make a connection with someone. Keep a few in your wallet and you’ll be good to go.
  • Be selective: You may have a thousand cards, but that doesn’t mean you need to use them all at one conference. Tossing your card at every single person you meet will get them tossed in the trash and waste your cards. A good rule of thumb is if you shook their hand after making a connection, hand off your card.
  • Be interested: If you hand off a business card, try to get one back. Most of the time they’ll try to reciprocate when you give them a card, but if they don’t, ask. Showing your interest in them can increase their interest in you, and it never hurts to have their information for reference.
  • Be proactive: When you do get their business card, take some time to look them up on LinkedIn, Twitter, or wherever else they may have listed themselves. Doing this will help you remember the names of the people you meet and often let you put a face to the name. Now when they shoot you an email, you’re not trying to decide if it’s the guy you sat next to or the guy you talked to outside of the bathroom.

Keep these business card basics in practice and you’ll come across as professional while potentially saving yourself a headache down the road.

There are lots of ways to get into people’s contact lists, but business cards are still a mainstay in the professional world. They’re cheap, simple, and efficient at delivering all the information you need to hand off.

Make sure you have a striking and memorable, yet professional and simple business card that is printed by a choice and reliable business card printer, such as Asset Print.

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Printing Lingo: What is a Rack Card?

A Rack Card is a simple and cost-effective promotional piece, usually printed in full color on one or both sides of heavy cardstock.

The standardized size of rack cards (typically 4” x 9” or 3.5” x 8.5”) allows them to fit into a specifically-designed display rack or counter-top holder for easy access by potential customers.

What types of Businesses use Rack Cards?

Rack cards can be used by almost any business or organization. They are popular for lobbies, showrooms, waiting areas, and trade shows…as well as for Point of Purchase (POS) marketing. Rack cards also have widespread use in the tourism industry. You have likely seen a large display of colorful rack cards in a hotel, airport, restaurant, visitor center, or other venue while traveling.

An example of a large display case used to hold multiple Rack Cards


How do Rack Cards attract Customers?

In most cases, a rack card is geared toward foot traffic…so its marketing message must entice the people walking or standing nearby. The goal is to have a potential customer notice your message, take the card with them, and ultimately respond to your call to action.


Hence, rack cards must be designed to grab and hold a prospect’s attention. This is accomplished through the creative use of compelling colors, engaging images, and brief but persuasive text. In addition, racks cards are often gloss-coated to add sheen and increase the vibrancy of the ink colors.


What can be Printed on a Rack Card?

Though relatively straightforward in construction, racks cards are actually very versatile. In fact, they can be printed with any content or layout you choose…including promotional offers, upcoming events, information about products or services, discount coupons, contact info, directions, maps, QR codes, or anything else that helps build awareness and sales.


Also, the layout of most rack cards is created with a vertical orientation, as that is how they are normally positioned in a display rack or counter-top holder.


What is the Size of a Rack Card?

Rack card dimensions are typically 4” x 9”, 3.5” x 8.5”, or something similar. This allows rack cards to fit into standard-sized floor, wall, or counter display racks. It also allows a rack card to fit very well into a standard #10 business envelope, thus serving double-duty as a mailer insert.


If you want to get your business noticed, whilst not over-spending – use rack cards as small, promotional and eye catching pieces. Asset Print can supply you with impressive, quality rack cards for your business needs.


An example of a counter-top holder for Rack Cards


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Flyer design: 50 brilliant examples you can learn from

That’s right, those bits of paper that often end up in the trash, trampled in the street, or buried under a pile of bills. But if they’re doing their job (have been designed well), flyers should catch your attention and maybe even get you to take action (attend this grand opening; use that coupon; buy tickets to this concert — you get the idea).

Maybe you’re a business owner and you don’t want your marketing efforts to end up in the recycling bin. Or maybe you need to advertise an event or fundraiser for your club or community organization. Whatever your needs, check out 50 stellar examples below with design tips that will get you inspired for your next flyer design project. And when you’re all ready to design your own printed flyers, contact Asset Print for great flyer designs and printing offers.

Want more flyer inspiration? Then check out our round up of 20 bold, minimalist flyers – or if you prefer a louder style, get inspired by 20 vibrant flyer designs.

01. Embrace Color

Bright, bold color palettes really give flyers punch and attract attention, even from across a room. This flyer design by Martin Azambuja uses vibrant hues that reflect the fresh ingredients of the dishes the flyer is advertising.

02. Mix It Up

Combining different font styles and sizes can give your flyer a distinct look and help it stand out. In this piece from Overloaded Design, 3D effects on the text and some subtle, grungy textures also make the design pop.

03. Keep It Simple
A simple, elegant design has impact of its own. As with this flyer from Valerie Jar, text is kept to a minimum and the design elements are spaced generously. The edge-to-edge background photo and clean white-and-orange centerpiece also help give the flyer an understated sophistication.
Valeriejar dribbble obm
04. Blast from the Past

The handcrafted look is big right now (whether designs really are handmade or are just created to look like it). This screen-printed flyer from The Prince Ink Co. features whimsical, hand-drawn typography, which is very appropriate for a print company that runs all its prints by hand. Using a “form equals content” approach to design like this can be very effective.

Dribbble bookmark
05. Play With Patterns
Patterns make a striking visual statement, whether you use them throughout your design (like in this flyer by Joris Rigerl) or just as an accent. Because the human eye naturally notices patterns, including them in your design is a surefire way to get more people looking at your flyer.
Be flyer final both dribbble
06. Study Shapes

Like patterns, shapes are a great attention-getter, especially when applied creatively. This flyer design by Justin Krout uses shape in both the text and the graphics. Notice how the tilting shape of the text makes for a unique and eye-catching title, while the mountain below is made up of triangles of all shapes and sizes, creating a multifaceted, almost 3D effect.

Tacoma Film Festival by jkrout555
07. Work the Details

Finely detailed graphics can be stunning, but how do you avoid making your design look too busy? A limited color palette helps, as does a focus on symmetry and balance, like in this flyer design by Kristie Kam. This flyer also keeps things polished by sticking to a visual theme — in this case, a heavy emphasis on geometric shapes and patterns.

08. Pick a Color Scheme

Choosing a cohesive color scheme (maybe the colors in your company’s logo) and/or staying in the same color family or temperature (warm or cool) really pulls your flyer design together. This folding flyer by Evan Travelstead sticks to cool blues and grays against bright white for a clean, polished look.

09. Get Seasonal
If you’re designing a flyer for a holiday or event associated with a particular time of year, capitalize on that and use imagery associated with the occasion. Viewers will immediately relate to the design because it’s familiar or nostalgic. This design from Digital Space uses reindeer and snowflakes in a sleek, retro-inspired way that’s creative rather than cliché.
Retro christmas and new year flyers collection by digital space
10. Make Space

Paying close attention to spacing and alignment is an important step in the design process — one that can make or break a project. See how in this flyer by Pashlov Egor, all the icons in red are approximately the same distance apart? Though there’s a lot going on, everything fits together nicely, almost like puzzle pieces, without looking crowded.

Sota plus
11. Go the Extra Mile

When’s the last time you saw coupons with hand-drawn illustrations? Giving your design that extra personal touch, like Mel Larsen did in this flyer, will be sure to catch the attention of your viewers and give them a good impression of your brand or organization.

12. Rough It Up

Designs that are textured or a little rough around the edges can be a nice contrast to all those more slickly produced flyers out there. As with this hand-carved block print by Jack Daniel Bagdadi, sometimes designs (much like people) are all the more appealing and dynamic for their little imperfections.

Tinker lino
13. Lead In

Take a page from art class and use the concept of leading lines. A common composition trick in art and photography, leading lines are just what they sound like — they lead in to the part of the image that the artist wants viewers to focus on. In this design by Macrochromatic, the diagonal lines of the mountains intersect with the sides of the red triangles to form arrows that point right at the band’s name.

Stay tuned for Part 2…

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102 Canvas Print Ideas & Inspiration

Canvas Print Ideas
Canvas printing is not only one of the most popular ways to decorate a home but also are widely used in offices, lobbies, receptions areas and a variety of other professional settings. The creative ideas for canvas prints are as diverse as the settings they are used in. With this in mind, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to canvas print ideas and an accompanying Canvas Print Ideas Pinterest board for all your canvas print inspiration and idea needs. What doesn’t appear in this blog post is pinned on our Pinterest board, so jump over there if you’re still lacking for ideas after reading through all of our ideas compiled here.
Canvas Print Ideas For The Home
The home is the most common place canvas prints are used as decor. The ability to print any high-resolution picture you might have means that regardless of whether you are decorating a main living or dining room, a kids bedroom, your own bedroom, or even your entryway or kitchen; a custom canvas print will look great for your home. Check out some of the awesome canvas print ideas for different rooms as shown below.

Nursery & Kid’s Bedroom

kids book illustrations for canvas print
best friends print for kids bedroom
colored heart canvas print girls bedroom
monster prints kids bedroom
love kids foot and hand prints     butterfly canvas footprints
hand print flowers canvas print
hand prints canvas print
baby giraffes nursery canvas print
family shots canvas prints
canvas print of newborn
eiffel tower wall art
boys room canvas print
kids birthday word art wall art
wall art boys bedroom whale
canvas prints airplane panoramic
you are my sunshine canvas print
nursery crib prints
Living Room
canvas print for living room kids
family collage canvas print
wall art winter boy
square canvas prints of children
dog canvas prints
pet wall art
wall art living room chandelier
canvas print for mantle
living room batten board with prints
large canvas print living room
wall display of canvas prints
wall art living room
lyrics on canvas print

Entry & Hallway

canvas for entry
family canvas prints for entry
canvas prints formal entry
serve the lord print
whole lot of coffee print
laundry room canvas print
entry way kids prints
cabin hallway family prints
board and batten with canvas print
canvas print for stairway
hallway canvas old home
canvas prints of family for stairway
family hooks with wall art
flowers with print in hallway
canvas print word art
canvas prints for hallway
kids canvas print in entry way
entry come thou fount print
coat closet canvas prints


wall art kitchen recipes
kitchen drink and dance canvas print
keep calm kitchen prints
canvas print kitchen rules
kitchen coffee print
eat well travel often
no place like home wall art
heap print
eat drink thanks kitchen print
people who eat print      chevron print
spoonful of print
canvas wall art kitchen steps
boys bedroom quote wall art
you are loved print
family master bedroom canvas prints     whole heart master bedroom print
family prints above dresser
be the good office
canvas print of kids for office
apple desk prints
office desk with canvas prints
home office family prints

Creative Family Canvas Print Ideas
vertical family with yellow prints
prints family verticals
family prints square with vinyl     family wall display canvas prints
canvas prints family collage
family canvas prints
family prints above dresser
family beach prints
prints of family empty room

Baby/Newborn Canvas Print Ideas

canvas print baby collage
newborn canvas print crib
newborn multiple prints
simple newborn crib canvas prints
nursery canvas prints
canvas prints of newborn
newborn and older prints above crib
canvas prints peekabook crib

Creative Wedding & Engagement Canvas Print Ideas

canvas print engagement sign in
canvas print wedding seating chart
wedding prints in office
wedding canvas print triptych with clouds
canvas print wedding classic
canvas print of wedding dance song and dance
wedding prints above bedframe
engagement canvas prints
vertical wedding prints
couple heart prints
wedding prints stairs
canvas print wedding headboard

Asset Print offers excellent service and quality in canvas printing. Click here to order canvas printing online!

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Are Vinyl Stickers Better Than Paper Stickers?

Vinyl stickers or paper stickers? A common debate when it comes to choosing what type of sticker to use. Is there a clear winner? Or is it really just down to preference? We compare our vinyl stickers against paper stickers. Read below as we look at both sides of the argument and we make our own judgment on the sticker debate.

Vinyl vs. paper

Vinyl has a lot of advantages over traditional paper stickers, which easily crack and fade over time. An advantage of vinyl is that it can be pulled off in one piece. Paper stickers are a nightmare to pull off after a while. Vinyl stickers won’t mark if water or oil is spilled on them. That’s a big plus. A paper sticker is ruined if any sort of liquid touches the sticker. The uses of paper stickers are limited. They are vulnerable to fading, prone to rip upon removal, and easily destroyed if wet. Paper stickers are mainly used for labels used indoors. They are typically printed in large rolls and applied to boxes and packaging. Vinyl stickers work for labels too but they have a whole lot more uses.

Vinyl is the clear winner

Vinyl is the clear winner when it comes to durability, look and feel. Vinyl stickers last longer, look better and stick to different surfaces better. We use only premium quality vinyl for our vinyl stickers at Asset Print. That’s why our products are incredibly long-lasting. We laminate vinyl stickers for outdoor use in a protective coating that is water, sun and oil-proof. It even makes the stickers scratch-resistant and keeps its colours vivid. They stay vivid with an outdoor life expectancy of up to seven years! Trust us comparing our vinyl stickers to paper stickers is like comparing your WiFi to dial-up. There’s just no contest!

Now it’s pretty obvious why vinyl stickers win against paper stickers. Go out and grab yourself some vinyl stickers!

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Artwork to Canvas prints! The Nordic look

Scandinavian and Nordic décor is and has always been an iconic look in and around the home. This look has been used for and with top designers such as Edvard Munch who is arguably one of the best knows Norwegian Painters of all time.

The Scandinavian look is all about being in a functional state but also stylish clean lines are seen all around. It’s a way of being Organised but modern at the same time. When it comes to wall décor it can be tricky depending on the look you want to achieve. Picture frames are always a good example of being able to keep the clean lines look going, whilst filling that particular room with life. Minimalistic colours like greys and blacks are also a very popular look with Scandinavian art.

The origin of The Nordic look

The Nordic look originated in the 1940’s through different design exhibitions through Milan. It then went on to slowly grow until the 90’s when it exploded as many designers decided to use it more in bold looking larger pieces like furniture for in the home. It really does seem to be an amazing look for us in this modern age.

Canvas printing artwork for the Nordic look.

If you are looking to achieve a sleek and stylish Scandinavian look then look no further. If you’re excited to find out how to achieve this then start with the basics. This look is all about keeping it lightly coloured along with a subtle front. You can have canvas prints made up for wall decoration with all different types of photos or artwork printed. You can go for any colour when picking your colour theme, so long as the colours are very faint and subtle, you’re on your way to making a room look like it was made by a Scandinavian designer.

A real popular colour would be Black; it’s a colour you can’t go wrong with. But you could add the odd colour pop if you decide that the room looks a little bleak for you. This is the beauty of this type of decoration as you can start with the weaker lighter colour and build different layers if you feel it’s needed.

Fine lines go a long way!

The best type of wall decoration products for the stylish Nordic look are listed below.

Canvas prints

Aluminium prints

Picture frames

Floater frames

Wood prints

If you select any of the above then you will be able to make this amazing look for your home. You will stand out from the crowd, be a little different yet you will be modern at the same time. There’s not many different looks that can claim so many statements in the interior design world.

Lighting in your home

If you’re looking to go all out with the Nordic look then you really need to be focusing on the lighting. Ideally natural light is the best type of light for this look. Big windows or skylights are very useful at bring your look to life. It will also make the room feel and seem a lot bigger also.

One other useful tip would be your shelving and Scandi homes tend to have lots of open shelving with stylish picture frames or a canvas print in view sitting at an angle so it appears it looks like it’s about to be hung up. That is also another cool look to adapt whilst tackling this awesome look.

If you’re interested in the Nordic look for your home, or office, check out Asset Print for the best canvas printing Cape Town has to offer. Asset Print is a reliable, expert printing service that can help you give your home/office a new feel with immaculate, quality canvas prints.

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